Does your wireless connection take more time to open webpages than your wired connection? Do you experience a dip in your Wi-Fi network when you shift from your living area to your bedroom? If yes, then this article is meant for you. In this article we’ll be discussing how to measure the performance of a wireless router.

If you are not a techie, this important piece of information is dedicated to you. A router is a device which is used to channelize the flow of traffic between local computers networked together. A network which is connected via Ethernet Cables is referred to as a hard-wired network, while a network created using radio wave networks is called a wireless network. A wireless network is created with the use of wireless router.

Determinants of the performance of a wireless router

Performance of a wireless router depends on two factors viz. signal strength and throughput. Signal strength is the strength of the radio waves at a given point which is at a significant distance from router. In a nutshell Throughput can be defined as the amount of work a computer can do in a given time period.

How to check signal strength?

To check the signal strength it is advisable to install inSSIDer. inSSIDer is a freeware wi-fi network scanner for windows. inSSIDer, when running, notifies you about all the wireless networks present in your periphery including the one you are using. The signal strength is shown under the RSSI column which is updated in real-time. You can walk around with your laptop or any other receiver device and check the signal strength, your wireless router is providing at different locations.

Checking the throughput?

If you are getting the correct signal strength it’s time to check your computer’s performance. To determine the throughput capacity of your computer we recommend you to use Qcheck, a network troubleshooting utility program.

To find your throughput using Qcheck install Qcheck on your computer and Ixia’s Performance endpoint software on another computer. The second computer should use the Ethernet to access the network.  Once both programmes are running enter IP address on your computer and the partner computer i.e. the PC using Ethernet. Then click on the ‘Throughput’ in the options panel and press the Run button to get your throughput results.

The above steps will help you in determining your signal strength and get more out of your wireless router.