While most of the computer users use only one monitor normally, adding a second monitor allows for a greater viewing experience and promotes multitasking. All the computer package sold today have only one computer but adding a second monitor offers great benefit to the gamers and also expand viewing experience. Most of the computers used today do not have ability to cop with two monitors but you can add a video card to the system. By adding this video card you will have two or more monitor inputs. You can install any mid-high end video card on the system; Mid-high end video cards usually offer two monitor inputs. If you are adding two monitors then it will be best to add two monitors of same size, adding two different size monitor also works but it is not smooth to run mouse from one screen to another.

When you are using two monitors at same time; it provides broader viewing experience and also multitasking ability to the user. Multitasking means it is always easy to have two applications going at the same time and switch back and forth without minimizing and restoring. You can view e-mails on one screen and open a browser on other page also you can view a spread sheet on the first screen and watch a movie on second screen. There can be many combinations if you have two monitors.

From adding an extra monitor the main benefit will be for graphics designers. They can put all the tools on one page and design on other page. When they watch the figure in bigger size the editing will become an easy task to do. It can be heightened experience for gamers; they can widen the view and turn these two monitors into a huge wide screen. You can also add more than two monitors to the computer and adding more than two monitors to a system provides an even greater viewing experience. There are games with high end graphics such as flight simulators; racing games and even first person shooters will look and feel more real. If you want to add third monitor then you need a video card that can support three monitors’ inputs or you can add one more with the existing one. Matrox has been a leading brand for many years for multi-input video cards.

There is one more popular vendor, ATI, has recently created a technology called Eyefinity.  Eyefinity has great and seamless feature like you can add more than 6 monitors in a single video card, you can additional card if needed. In a demo of this product there are four Eyefinity cards running 24 monitors on a single system. You can think the experience of having 24 monitors; it will add exceptional visualization to the system. You can do creative stuffs like you can experiment with the sizing of the window and constantly keep your eyes on the screen. Working with two monitors change the experience of the way you work with your computer.