The cyber world is getting more threats with it increasing popularity so it is also very important to protect the personal information on your computer. Data like your passwords, document files, medical informations, etc can be stolen from your computer.

Suppose you are using a P4 computer and now you want to upgrade the system, but just think about the older computer and loads of data it holds with it. You do not want to share all the personal data with any one, so it is very important to remove all the data from the computer. Just imagine if your hard drive will fall into wrong hand then you just cannot think about the damages. So from your part a little bit of damage control can save the hazards. Now you can delete all the files from the hard drive but simply deleting those files will not protect the personal information. Anyone can simply retrieve all the information from the hard drive easily.

You just have to follow the given instructions given below to use different software to protect all the personal information.


The first and very simple step is to transfer all the data on writable CD, DVD or other hard drive. These will safe all the data and double check if all the data is completely transfer or not. Now delete all the original files from the computer.


We recommend you to delete and uninstall all software programs from the existing system. If you plan to use same programs on another computer then please rethink because performing this step can violate the software license agreement. You cannot use same software on more than one computer.


We also recommend you to use a hard drive cleaning program to completely clean personal files and information from the computer. There are several software programs available online like Active@killdisk, wipedrive etc. to use these programs or software properly try to read the hard drive cleaning software’s installation and operation instructions. You can also check out these programs online to know more about these software programs. Now reinstall the operating system and restore it to the manufacture version, it will erase all the personal information and other software from the system.

You can also wipe entire data from a work computer; you can protect all sensitive data like e-mails and other system files. If you are still concern about safety of hard drive then just don not give away the hard drive. We recommend you to first encrypt the data and then format the hard drive. If anyone tries to break in the hard drive he has to first undelete the data and then decrypt the entire data. And just be sure because it will surely not going to happen. We recommend you to use Bestcrypt to encrypt the data. Encryption is one of the best methods to protect the personal informations.