There are number of malware on the Internet that can at times be annoying you and especially threating to your PC. One of the most annoying and dangerous malware is “Antivirus Malware”; which give false information of being a anti-malware program. It will do nothing to protect the computer but bombard the computer with pop-ups. And when you click on these pop-up you will be exposed to other viruses. It does not only harm your computer but also try to become authentic by using the windows security system center.

It is very important to remove this antivirus malware from the system. In order to remove the virus please follow the following steps:


The first and the one of the most important steps is to install an effective, legitimate and strong antivirus or anti-malware program on your system. You should purchase a full version of the antimalware program and it should have free updates. If these programs are installed on the system you are protected from the virus and malware like this.


It is also very important to scan the system at regular intervals to check for malware files and infected files. Make sure that antivirus is fully updated so that it can find new viruses. There are number of files and entries can be infected but the files and entries that are part of the Antivirus will vary, however, any file or entry that includes, “AV2010” or “IEDefender” will be part of the malware system. Most of the entries are stored under the “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT” key.


You can also remove all the infected files, folders and registry manually. You can go to all the folders and files and manually remove them. But we recommend you to install the anti malware program and let the program scan for the infected entries otherwise it can cause some damage to the computer. While scanning the system your antivirus gives you a message that there are some active programs. You need to reboot the system to disable all the active programs because these programs may or may not be related to the malware but can be harmful for the system. When you reboot the system you are completely disinfected from the Antivirus malware.

There are different types of antivirus malwares are available like super Antivirus malware. You can remove these also from the system. If the Antivirus program does not recognize the malware then you just have to completely remove it completely. Just restore the system at the time when it is installed in safe mode. Now go to control panel then add or remove programs, now locate the super malware and click remove to uninstall the program. We recommend you to install a complete and updated antivirus program like Norton, McAfee or Bit defender etc. if these programs are fully updated and regular scan is done then your system is protected from these malwares. You will not get any pop-ups like before and work on the system calmly.