In the Microsoft Access, report lines are included when the Access report wizard utility is used to generate the report. If the report wizard is used it is faster than the manual report design, however you can also create the reports manually. The access reports can be created more efficiently through the report wizard but even the Access report wizard inserts lines and cannot be instructed to omit the lines. If you want to create a large number of reports and wishes to have them without any lines the access report will need to be designed manually.

The following are the simple steps to remove lines in a Microsoft Access Report.

Step 1:

Open the Access database containing the reports from which lines are to be removed. This can be simply done by double clicking the database icon. Automatically Microsoft Access will start up and start loading and displaying the database that is selected.

Step 2:

You need to select the “reports” tab in the Access user interface to view a list of the reports. Now, you have to open the report that is to be changed in design mode. This can be performed by single clicking the report’s name, and then single clicking the “Design’ icon on the menu interface. The appearance of the icon will be different with each version of Access.


Depending on the current Access configuration the reports can be listed as full report record, abbreviated list or in icons. You need to adjust the view of the design to about 150% zoom. This is recommended just to ensure precision selection of lines that might be either very thin or very close to other objects. It gets very easier to highlight a line when viewed so close.


Using the vertical and horizontal scroll bars to pan through the report design, viewing the entire section at a time if needed. To remove a line you need to highlight the particular line. This can be done by a single click on the line with the mouse cursor over it. You will be able to view the highlight blocks around the line. You need to keep a check that the highlight has not selected objects that you wish to keep.


Now you just need to press the delete key and then the line will be removed. You have to simply repeat the step 4 for all the lines that you want to remove. Now just save and close the report.

As we all know that some addresses contain only a few lines, while others require an extra line or two. In the above article, we have shown how to eliminate the blank lines that can appear in labels and reports when some addresses have more lines than others. The sample function that is being provided to you can use to close up the unwanted space.