System Antivirus 2008 is a type of dangerous malware or virus which is very harmful to your Operating System (OS). This is a very dangerous form of virus known as a Trojan. The antivirus gives false warnings and virus alerts that appears on the OS. It also bombards the OS with number of pop-ups. This application also tells you to buy some antivirus or anti malware products which are not authentic and type of Trojans.

You can remove System Antivirus 2008 from the OS  completely by following these steps you easily remove System Antivirus 2008.


You can remove this virus by using Windows live OneCare safety scanner.  To do so, just open Internet Explorer (IE). Run Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner application only in the IE. Now you just have to Navigate to the Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner website. Now you are in the Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner website just Click on the “Full Service Scan” button. To download and run the scan you just have to Follow the on-screen directions.


You can also use another website: Malwarebytes anti malware to remove this malware. First step is to open an Internet browser. Now go to the the Malwarebytes website and download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Try to make a note of the folder where it is downloaded. To install the application, just click the “Start” button and select “Computer.” Go to the specific drive and locate the downloaded folder.

To start the installation process you just have to double click the application icon. Now we recommend you to Follow the on-screen directions. Go to the program folder for the software and Launch Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.


There is one more program available to remove this malware; you can use SmitFraudFix to remove System antivirus 2008. To download the application open the internet explorer and go to its home age then download it on the computer. After the download completion restart the computer and keep pressing F8 to start the Windows in safe mode with networking.

Now go to my computer and locate the folders in the disk drives and launch the application. To scan the system just follow the on screen commands and allows it to complete the scan. If you try to interrupt it, it may damage the operating system.