Authentium antivirus is a popular antivirus mainly used in corporate settings. It is also used for personal protection as well as enterprise sector. The client versions available are CSAV for Windows Vista for Client Only, 32-Bit 4.95.0, CSAV for Windows XP/2000/2003 4.95 and CSAV for Windows Legacy (NT 4.0/98/95) with full updates and legacy support.

The main enterprise versions are Galileo Central Management Console for Management Server, Galileo Command Central Snap-in and CSAV Client for Enterprise for Windows XP/2000/2003. Some times it takes more time to launch or you want to upgrade the existing version, in that case you have to remove it from the computer. It is very difficult to uninstall this Authentium suite normally, so you have to remove it manually from the system.

You can do it with ease by following the instructions given below for Authentium Antivrus removal:


The first step is to download and install the Microsoft Cleanup utility. This utility is very helpful to give assistant to uninstall any program. By using this application you can completely delete any program.


Now you just have to launch the CleanUp utility and select the “Command Anti-Virus” software. In that window click the “Remove” button. It will complete the remove application and restart the computer. Now during the reboot keepPressing “F8” to launch the computer in Safe Mode.  Now in the safe mode, go to “My Computer,” select the “C” drive and click on “Show hidden files.” In the C drive locate the “AK” folder and delete it, after that open the “Program files” directory and delete the “Command Software” and “Authentium” folders. Now you have to open the “Common Files” directory and in that directory delete the “Command” and “Authentium” files.


Now open the run dialogue box and press the “Windows” and “R” keys simultaneously. Now in the run dialogue bix type cmd and press enter. Now a black screen appears, Type the following commands:
sc delete dvpapi
sc delete avinitnt
sc delete schscnt”

To complete the removal process, exit from the command prompt and restart the computer. Now you have removed the Authentium antivirus from the system.

You can also try the traditional method to remove this antivirus. Go to control panel by clicking the start button on the bottom left side of the computer screen. In control panel window locate and click add or remove programs. Now you can see a list of all the programs installed in the system, just locate the Authentium antivirus and click remove. Now go in the flow with on screen commands and it will remove the antivbirus from the system. You may have to restart the computer to finish the process. We recommend you to install a good antivirus after removal of this antivirus otherwise the system will be unprotected from the potential threats. If the computer is running slow after installing an antivirus then check for the compatibility and get a light application to protect the computer.