A computer motherboard is the backbone of a computer and it integrates hardware with computer. If the computer is facing some problems and they are hardware problem then you need to replace the motherboard. Replacing a motherboard is a tedious task and it needs a special care while replacing. A motherboard has small circuits and connections so be careful when you are trying to replace the motherboard. In the case of Dell Dimension 9200, you have to disassemble all the components connected to the motherboard. Be careful when you are removing cards and hardware devices and you should know that replacing a motherboard will terminate the guarantee.

Follow the instructions given below to replace Dell Dimension 9200 motherboard.


The first step is to turn off the computer, detach all electricity connections form computer. You will you to disconnect entire cables like power cable, monitor cable, external hard drives and modems. Now attach an electro static device wrist strip to your wrist, it will prevent any electric shock or damages.

Step 2:

Now you will have remove the access panel place the computer on its side and remove the access panel. Now locate the RAMS on motherboard, just push the latches and detach the RAM from motherboard. Try to keep these RAM modules in a static free plastic bag. If you any video card installed on computer then remove that card also. You will just have to remove the two screws and slide it to remove the video card.

Step 3:

There is a hard drive disk connected to the motherboard, just detach the connectors connected to the motherboard. Now take the help of a screw driver and remove the screws from the hard disk and slide it carefully, it will remove the hard disk drive from the computer. You will also remove the processor from the motherboard, just remove the latches and connectors from the processor and lift it straight up carefully. Processor is an important part of computer so take care when you replace the processor.

Step 4:

Now you will have to locate heat sink and cooling fan from the motherboard. To remove these components remove screws holding the cooling fan and heat sink, remove it from motherboard. Now you should remove all the visible cables from the motherboard but try to check when you are placing a new motherboard.

Step 5:

After removing all the components from the motherboard, try to remove 10 screws holding the motherboard. While removing the motherboard take extra care and lift it straight up after removing screws.

Now just reverse the steps when you are installing the new motherboard. We recommend you to get an experience of hardware repair before trying your hand in your own computer. You can also use duplicate parts to check if any peripheral or component is wrong instead of changing the motherboard. It will save the money and valuable time of yours. You can also consult a good hardware engineer if you will there is a big risk to replace it yourself.