Some times while working on your Acer Laptop, it will not load operating system or will not power on. It must be annoying for you, hence it is the best time to change the motherboard. Replacing a motherboard is not an easy task to do and it is time consuming because when you are planning to change the motherboard; you have to remove all other components first. In this article we will help you to replace a motherboard in an Acer laptop.

You just have to follow the instructions given below.


The first step is to power off the laptop. Go to start button at the bottom left of the screen and click shut down, wait till power off. Now disconnect all the power cables and cords. Now just close the lid and flip the laptop onto its back. Now you have to remove laptop battery also, just hold down the battery latch and remove the battery.


Now you have to open the laptop case, to do so locate the eight screws along all four of the edges of the case and remove them with a screwdriver. Now safely flip the unit back over and open the lid. Now you have to slide the flat end of screw driver underneath the plastic cover which has power button below the screen. Now try to pop up the plastic piece by the help of screw driver and lift the piece up carefully and disconnect all the motherboard cables connecting to it.


Now you have to remove the keyboard, just find the two screw which holds up the keyboard. Now just pull out these two screws with the help of screw drivers and lift the keyboard up, disconnect the cables connecting to it with motherboard. Remove the keyboard and set it aside.


Now locate the laptop cooling fan and the heat sink and try to remove them. With the help of the screw drivers, remove the two screws which holds the cooling fan and remove it from the motherboard. Now you just have to pull the fan and heat sink assembly from the motherboard.


Now you have to take the processor out, grab the processor from both the sides and lift it straight up and remove it from motherboard. Now remove the other screws holding the motherboard and remove it from the case. Just be careful while doing all these steps.


Now take the new motherboard and place down into case, now reattach the screws there. After placing the new motherboard, reassemble cooling fan, heat sink, keyboard, hinges and plastic bezel.


After reassembling all the components, Place the battery in the battery case and connect power cords. Now turn the laptop on and load a new operating system when the operating system will be fully loaded then check if the new motherboard is working properly.

When you are doing the replacement, try to check all the connections carefully and if you are not feeling comfortable in doing this then consult a hardware engineer.