A Backup battery is a secondary power supply. It is usually a direct current battery to provide power to your appliance in the absence of main power supply.

Computer systems also have a Backup battery inside the UPS. The devices that use Backup battery normally get its power from a sustainable alternating current (AC) source or from solar cells (DC). The backup battery will give power to your electronic appliance only in the case of main power failure otherwise the battery will charge from the same primary circuit.

After a certain cycles of charging and discharging, the battery becomes unusable. In that case you need to change the backup battery with a new one, so that you can go with your work smoothly.

The Security system batteries have a life typically ranges from three to five years. Replacing your system battery is quite a simple task that will take only a few minutes. If your system displays the “Low Battery” message regularly even after getting charged, then your battery needs to be replaced.

Here, I am going to discuss the procedure involved with the replacement of a System Backup Battery. Below is the step-by-step procedure to replace a Backup Battery.

The following are things that you will need, while replacing a Backup Battery:

1 .  Phillips screwdriver

2 .  Regular screwdriver

3 .  Key to control panel (if it is applicable)

4 .  A New battery

5 .  Felt-tip marker

Step 1 . First thing you should do, is to make a call to the manufacturer’s company that monitors your system. Thereby you can ask any doubt( that you may have) regarding the Battery replacement.

Step 2 . Remove the main power cord supply by unplugging the power transformer or even by turning the circuit breaker off.

Step 3 . Now, open the control panel with the help of a screwdriver (if it is applicable).

Step 4 . Disconnect the black lead provided on the battery. After disconnecting the black cord, disconnect the red lead also. You may find difficulty in removing these cords.

Step 5 . Remove the Battery from the case with the help of a screwdriver.

Step 6 . Now, you can connect a new battery. Before connecting the new battery make sure that you plugged the red lead into the terminal with red mark. Then plug the black lead.

Step 8 . Mark the current date and time on the battery and close the control panel and then reapply the power.

Step 9 . Finally, you should make a call to your monitoring company to inform about the accomplishment of the task.

Some Tips and Warnings regarding the replacement of battery:

There are many security companies that recommend testing your system at least once a month. It takes around 24 hours for your new battery to become fully charged. System backup batteries contains chemical like lead and acid, so they should be handled with care and disposed of properly.