In order to go ahead with this topic one must be aware of the concepts of what computer security actually is? In simple terms Computer Security can be termed as the branch of computer technology which is applied to computers and networks. It is a collective process and mechanism to protect a system from unauthorized access. The main objective of computer security is to protect the information and property from theft, corruption or whatever may be the means while keeping it secure and accessible to the users wished for.

Past were the times when need for security of Computers were minimal. But if we take the present scenario its need can’t be sub-sided at all as there are multiple threats which can lead to severe loss or destruction. One should frequently monitor the security measures and its maximum possible alternatives so that his/her data and confidential information don’t get compromised. In less than 3 minutes, spies can infect your computer if they physically get access to your computer through a Key logger program.

Below are some points through which security needs of a system can be fulfilled:

  • Always check the physical security of a system no matter whether it is a laptop or desktop. Make a habit of not leaving you system in an office or any other public space unless you have an administrative account and a password on it. Log-off every single time you leave your system.
  • Whether be it home or work lock your wireless network with a WEP password.
  • Keep your password long enough with combination of letters and digits. But it should be such that you easily remember it.
  • Whether be it home or work lock your wireless network with a WEP password.
  • Always keep on the Windows firewall of your system. Else try downloading effective firewall programs such as Comodo etc. It helps to shut down the open ports of your Internet connection thereby preventing the spyware and viruses from attacking your system from backdoor.
  • Keep an effective Antivirus software and try updating it on regular basis else keep its settings to auto update so that if you forget to update your antivirus, it will automatically update the time you gets online. And don’t keep two antivirus software on one system.
  • Try avoiding Website’s add-ons as well as habit to download online offers which seems to be good. It does not like if you click on online offers your system will get infected but for the spywares and viruses it’s the easiest way to attack a system. Not all the offers come with spywares and all but almost all comes with. You must now think that I have antivirus software installed in my system so no fear. But the fact is sometimes your antivirus might fail to detect it. So why taking chances, try avoiding those habits.

The methodologies and approaches made for computer security totally differs from other computer technologies. Some of the approaches to computer security may be like-although one knows that the software is not reliable but it has to be used due to some purposes by taking adequate measures. Another approach can be like blacklist all software and apply strict security measures so that you system remains safe. Likewise there are several other approaches. Various techniques and strategies are enforced to ensure system security. One common technique is to apply strictly the “principle of least privilege”, coz where the privilege will be less the harm too will be minimal.