In Microsoft Access database which is a collection of data and objects such as tables, queries or forms and which is related to particular topic or purpose, one usually use the Design View in the table to set the property for the field.

Design View is a view that shows the designs of various database objects like tables, queries, forms, reports and macros. In Design View one can create new database objects and can also modify the design of existing database objects.

It is in Design View only that one can also set the number of decimal places between 0 and 15 digits in the MS Access table field. Besides the option to specify from 0 to 15 decimal places, the Decimal Places property also provides a default Auto setting. In Auto setting fields with Format property settings of Currency, Fixed, Standard, Percent and Scientific display two decimal places. However, to set the number of decimal places anywhere between 0 to 15, following steps are followed.

Steps to follow for the decimal places setting are:

Step 1:

Open the table in Design View.

Step 2:

Click in a Number or Currency field that already exists or create a new Number or Currency field.

Step 3:

At the bottom of the screen in the Field Properties box click on the General tab.

Step 4:

Click in Decimal Places. A small arrow appears on the right side of the text box.

Step 5:

Menu of choices will appear after a click on the arrow.

Step 6:

Select the number of digits to appear to the right of the decimal place.

Step 7:

Save the table

One can choose the way the numbers appear in the table and the way they are stored. To get more clear information out of the table, one can restrict the way numbers appear. However, if one changes the format it can affect the way decimal places appear or print but it does not affect the way they are stored. To prevent data- entry errors, if one has prior knowledge of the value to fall within certain limits then can accordingly set the number of decimal places in how the field is stored.

Field Size property can be used to change the way numbers are stored. However, the Decimal Places property setting only ensures the number of decimal places that are to be displayed but not the stored decimal places. To make it clearer take an example of a field with Field Size property set to Single can store numbers with seven digits to the right of the decimal point. But if the field’s Format property is set to Fixed and the Decimal Places property is set to 3, one can see only three digits to the right of the decimal point when the data is viewed. For instance, the stored value of 18.5555 is displayed as 18.556.