Android phones are getting attention from developers and programmers as well as it is becoming very popular day by day and there is huge demand and market from Android apps. You can also develop your own application if you have good programming and skills and have some innovative ideas for mobile application.

Google encourages developers and programmers to develop more and more application for Android phone and for this Google is also providing free development kit called Google Android Development Environment. This is the best tool if you want to develop apps for Android phone. It provides free tutorials, samples, easy guide and lots of development tools.

Here are some of the simple steps to setup Google Android Development Environment:


The first step involves downloading and installing Eclipse tool, which is also a type of Integrated Development Environment. Every developer requires this tool for developing mobile application.

Eclipse is an open source project and has a contribution of multiple communities. It is very simple to setup and install on Windows and OS X operating systems.

So, go the website and click download. You would be careful to choose the correct version of Java EE developers as it has all the features required for Android phone application development. After the file is downloaded, you need to locate the zip/tar file to extract the executable file.


Now you need to download and install Google Android SDK which is used to develop the Android application. You need to go to web link It wll prompt for the licence agreement, select the button which says “continue”. Now select the correct platform and download the kit. After the download in completed, try to find the archive file and extract the file onto a desired location. You must remember the location of the file as this information has to be entered into Eclipse.


Now run the Eclipse executable to run the application it will ask you to create a workplace which is very necessary. All you need is to follow the displayed instructions.


Now Add the Android Eclipse add-on. Select “Software update” under Help menu. Now go to ‘Available software’ and then click on ‘Add site’ button. Insert the Google Android web link: ( or You should make sure that the URL is displayed in the list. Now check the box next to ‘Developers Tools’ and click on ‘Install’ button.


Now you need to setup the Google Android SDK location because Eclipse needs to know the exact location of Google location to make this thing work. Go to ‘Preferences’ under ‘Windows’ menu select the ‘Android’ option placed on left. You can simply type in the location if you are aware of the location, else you can browse though the location of and click on ‘Apply’.

After all these steps, you are all set to develop your own Android application. You will be able to create Android Projects now.