Antivirus 2009 is a fake antispyware programs in the market that finds its way into people’s computers, to create lots of problems. Packaged with downloads from malicious websites, it frequently displays pop up messages on your display screen once installed on the machine. These messages state that the computer is infected and urge the users to purchase a full version of its software. The software is no antimalware program and merely tricks the user to shell out money for a fake license.

How to stop Antivirus 2009 Popup Ads

Stopping the alerts to appear continuously may not be a very easy procedure, but following the below steps may make it more convenient for you.

Step 1: You need to download any legitimate security software for detecting and removing the fake program. Here you need to be very careful as only a trusted source should be accessed for downloading the required application. One of the famous antispyware programs is Malwarebytes’ Anti-malware that has been tested to remove pop-up ads of Antivirus 2009.

Step 2: You can begin the install procedure by double clicking on the file icon. Log in as administrator to try again if you get a message stating that you do not have the privileges to install new software. Follow the on screen prompts for installation and then create a desktop and system tray icon for the required program.

Step 3: Before running a scan, update the program. After that launch the program’s interface and then locate the option to update the virus definition files. Download and apply the latest updates in order to make sure that the program has the ability to track and eliminate new viruses.

Step 4: In this step, a complete and thorough scan is required by clicking on the specific option, usually marked as ‘Deep Scan’ or ‘Full System Scan’. Apart from this option, the settings can also be configured by choosing which locations to scan and which ones to ignore. You can choose the default scan option in case you are ensure and you would be able to the scan progress on the status bar.

Step 5: When the scan ends, fix identified issues and wait for the status bar to reach 100%. Then you can view the report displayed in list format and select all items in the list. After that, apply the same action by clicking on ‘Fix’, ‘Remove’ or ‘Repair’.

Step 6: Close the program and remove all the items from the Recycle Bin. It can be done by opening Recycle Bin from the desktop and selecting the option of ‘Empty Recycle Bin’ from the tab at the top of the window.

Step 7: Reboot the computer and access a free online scanner website. To double check, go through a complete scan and you would be assured that the system is protected against not only fake pop up messages but any kind of malware.

To ensure that your system is not affected in future, perform regular scans and keep updating your program. Also, you must immediately close and avoid websites that offer free programs and perform unsolicited scans.