Your PC could never have been so equipped without the application products developed by Microsoft. Microsoft Corporation has given users’ plenty of facilities. These options and approaches have solved the dilemma of users’ who struggled with their work earlier. The Company has given a lot of applications from the Microsoft Office package to communication tools like Window Live Messenger. The first   development of MS Office was in the year 1988. From then the package got renewed and there are near about bunch of versions of MS Office now available. The MS office is comprised of MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power Point etc.  But, the MS Word and MS Excel are the most widely used applications. Throwing some light on MS Excel, it is the spreadsheet based application that helps to calculate the numerical data and create tables and formats them. You can also make use of variety of options like calculate the sum of numerical data in the rows columns, formatting tables, Styling the font and altering the font style.

This article will talk about how to sum the values in MS Excel Column.


Step one

Select the grid area on the spreadsheet where you want the sum to appear. Generally, the column’s bottom is given a preference to and the space between the data and summed value.

Step two

After selecting an appropriate location for the sum value, you will be required to click on the “Insert” tab which you can find on the toolbar. When you click on the latter a dialogue box will appear and you will be required to click on the “functions” tab then.

Thus, you can enter as many functions in the table as much you want.

Step three

Now you will be required to click on the “Math & Trig” function which you can find on the left side of functions categories. On the right side of the column choose the “Sum” tab and you will be then required to scroll to find the list. When you have the both above mentioned fields selected click on the “OK” tab, a new dialogue box will be prompted.

Step four

Now you will be required drag & drop. Choose the first cell where you have the data jotted and holding mouse drag & drop the mouse pointer to the last cell and this way the data will get added.

Step five

Now scroll back to the dialogue box which you opened earlier and click on the “OK” tab.  This way you have the sum of data inscribed in the chosen or preferred cell.

Thus, on MS Excel you can easily sum the numerical data without the usage of calculator. You can simply obtain the data by a mere drag & drop. Moreover, MS Excel not only highlights the usage of mathematical functions adroitly but also the efficiency of MS Excel helps one to maintain a precise and flawless way of creating tables and documentation.