Android has been leading Smartphone operating system development for some time now and Android cell phones are becoming a major competitor for iPhone in the Smartphone market.

In the same process, Android has recently launched a new technology which allows all Android mobile phone to sync with iMac. Yes it’s true! Earlier only iPhone could have been synchronized with Mac computers but now the entire Android phone can be synced with Mac PC applications like iTunes, iCal and even Address book. That means you can have all the data like songs, playlist, images, album art, calendar dates, address books, podcasts and more.

This new innovation eliminates the needs to some mobile apps which were used to do the same job before, like MobileMe because now every change made in the Mac application will be reflected in your Android phone and vice versa.

Here are the steps to sync your Android phone with Mac:


The very first step you sync your Android phone with Mac is to get the device and Mac pc ready for connection. That means Mac PC should be ready to recognize Android phone.

Open your Android phone settings section by pressing the Menu button from the home screen.

Now, once you are on the settings go to Application/Development/USB debugging. This step would turn the USB debugging.


After the above step, Android phone will automatically try to sync with iTunes application and for this you need to download a free program called Salling Media Sync on your Mac PC. This program will allow you to sync complete iTunes application with Android phone.


Download and install Salling Media Tool on your computer and use USB cable to connect your Android phone with Mac PC after the installation is complete. Salling Media will ask you to perform certain steps which you need to follow to Sync iTunes with Android phone. This step will allow you to sync iTunes music, podcast, and pictures with your Android phone and any changes made from Mac PC or Android phone will be reflected on both the devices.


It is also very simple to sync Mac PC address book with your Android phone. As you know that Android is Google based phones and mostly it must have been synced with your Google account by default and if not then go to Address book/Preferences/Synchronize with Google and once this step is done, Go to your Google account and where you can change the address book settings.

This will automatically sync your Mac Address book with your Android phone.


You will again have to use your Google account to sync iCal, as it was done to sync Address book.  The calendar information is also pulled out from the Google account and then Synchronized with iCal.

These simple steps can make your Android phone synchronize with Mac and share entire data with ease.