A keyboard is one of the most important parts of a computer system. It is used to do a lot of activities on your system like browsing or typing a document or you can perform other actions also by punching some keys on the keyboard. It is very important to plug the keyboard into a computer correctly to operate it smoothly and properly. When you will buy a computer it comes with a keyboard but you have to attach it properly into the computer, check the connector when you are connecting the keyboard.

If you are a beginner then read the following steps carefully to plug a keyboard into your computer.


The first step is to examine the connector; if you have USB keyboard connector then it will be of rectangular size and if it is PS2 then it will be round shaped. Now a day many of keyboards are equipped with both types.


Now you will have to locate the ports on the rear side of the CPU. If you have older computer then may be it would not have the USB port, and then you have to buy an USB adapter from the electronic shop. If the keyboard has PS2 port then you can find it in every computer. When you connect the keyboard into the USB port the computer will automatically recognize it. But if you have PS2 keyboard then you will have to reboot the computer to activate the keyboard connection.


Now after doing the connection restart the system to activate the connection. After reboot the keyboard drivers will be installed on the computer. Now if your keyboard comes with any driver CD then insert it into CD drive and install the driver. It will help in the installation of some special keys like some gaming function or some media keys. To install the CD, just insert it into CD drive and follow the on screen instructions. It will successfully install the CD and finish the process.

If your keyboard is not properly plug in then you will get a lot a problems. Sometimes you will not any input from the keyboard in that case check the connections or go to Bios setting and see if the Bios recognize the keyboard. If it recognize then you will see installed or enabled under the keyboard. If Bios will show installed and enabled then the problem is in the port. If you are a beginner then you may plug the keyboard in the mouse port, in that case just restart the computer and plug it into the specific port. Now the keyboard should work properly, if it is not working properly again then see the Bios settings as told before. If Bios setting is also OK then you may have a bad port, just go to a hardware engineer and replace the port. Keep some more things in mind like clean the keyboard at regular interval and avoid drinking and eating while working on the keyboard.