Norton antivirus is an effective antivirus program and it is also one of the most popular antiviruses used by computer users. If you installed the Norton antivirus on your system and the system is running slow. This is because of the bundling software program. Most of the computer manufacturing companies like Dell or HP are famous for bundling software with their system. Some times you are using two antiviruses on the system and you want to remove or turn off Norton. You also want to turn off the Norton antivirus to increase the system speed.

This article will help you to turn off the Norton antivirus; you just have to follow the instructions given below.

Step1: You can turn off the Norton antivirus using its own interface. First step is to open the Norton antivirus security center. To open this, go to bottom right side of the toolbar and click on the Norton icon. Now new tray will open and click on the status and setting tab. Now in the present tab, click the security and click turn off the program.

Step2: You can also turn off Norton antivirus manually.To do this you will have to open the task manager. To open the task manager you can either right click on the toolbar or press ctrl+alt+delete. Now in the task manager window, click the processes tab. It will show list of all the processes running on your system, locate the Norton process or symantic programs. Now click the end process tab in the bottom right of the task manager.

You can also completely uninstall the Norton program from the system if it still interferes with the work on the system. Just go to control panel and then add or remove programs. In that list find Norton and click to uninstall the Norton antivirus. Just follow the instructions appearing on the screen and you will completely uninstall the antivirus from the computer. To finish the process just restart the system, when you log back into the system; you will find that Norton is not running on the system.

We recommend you to have the knowledge of how to use the task manager to shut down unwanted processes is useful. Sometimes programs are bugged and it is very difficult to open them or close them, so it is useful to install a freeware like AVG or Avast on the system. It will not slow the system and take less memory to run. If you want you can also enable or install the antivirus again on the system. We also recommend you to repair or upgrade internet explorer before uninstalling the antivirus.

After you turn off or uninstall the Norton antivirus, your system will become prone to malware or virus, so it is very important to find a new program for complete security of the computer. If your system is connected on home network then free antivirus software is sufficient for you.