Keyboards are the most effective and convenient way to communicate with the computer. There was a times when keyboards were used in laboratory but time has changed now and it becomes a household thing. Keyboards are essential to communicate with the computer, but if the keyboard is not working properly or it is disabled due to any software or hardware malfunction. Then one will look for other options to use a computer without keyboard.

One of the easiest ways is to use the Microsoft on-screen keyboard. Microsoft on-screen keyboard is present in every Windows operating system. Especially the Vista and Windows & operating system allows a user to use the on-screen keyboard. The layout of this keyboard is very much similar to the traditional keyboard; you can operate the keyboard using any pointing device. Windows 7 provides text prediction for users to speed up the point and click typing. The prediction function gives the predicted word above the keyboard; you can click on the word to complete the word.

We also recommend you to use an application called The Gus! Access Keyboard that brings the virtual keyboard built into Windows 7 and Vista to earlier versions of the operating system. This application is Compatible with Windows 95, 98, XP and 2000, the working of the Gus! Access Keyboard is very much same as Microsoft’s On-Screen Keyboard; it allows users to click on keys to replicate keystrokes.  It also provides predictive text options like Microsoft on screen keyboard. This application is also customized with hot keys that allow instant access to the Start Menu, Task Bar and other applications are also included in the virtual keyboard set up.

If you don’t want to use a pointing device to use with a virtual keyboard may opt for voice command software, such as e-Speaking. This software is available free of charge on internet; you can download and install it on the system. You just need a compatible microphone to use this service, it allows users to communicate and control the system with speech.  This application is very useful to the people with visual impairment and also for those who do not have fingers to operate the keyboard or pointing devices. We also recommend you to use a software say-now, it is very useful like the e-speaking. It will also control the system using the speech and it is based on voice recognition method. The say-now software has some predefined voice commands to open to do works like open or close the documents. This application is very useful in surfing the internet and switching the Windows.

There are many computer games controllers available that can be programmed to work on your computer. The X-box controllers and the Wii controllers can be programmed to use with the computer.
But we recommend you to contact the system manufacturer before applying any setting. You can use games controllers like gloves or shot guns to use as keyboards.

But it will be fair to test them before installing on the computer; it will save the money and the time.