You know you can use your Android phone to surf the Net –but do you know that the same phone can also enable you to surf the Net from your PC? Well, yes, you can your Droid cell phone as a modem to get internet on your computer!

This functionality is called tethering. It enables your smartphone to act like a wireless modem: So that you can connect it with your computer and use the 3G connection to get internet connectivity on your computer as well.

Some manufactures provides the in-built tethering services with Smartphone, so it always advisable to check your manufacturers policies and conditions before using your Android phone as a modem.

As long as there is no objection from your carrier, your only consideration should be the data usage. To use your Android phone as a modem, you will need unlimited data plan with cell phone carrier and USB data cable to connect phone to the computer.

The steps to be followed are:


Open up the Android Market option on your phone and search for an app called PdaNet. You need to download and install it on your phone (it’s currently available free of cost).


After the installation, you will see the PdaNET app home screen on your phone. If you are not able to see the pdaNET app home screen on your phone, then go to your pull up menu with all your applications and you click on the pdaNET app to open it up. On the home screen of the pdaNET app you will get two options. You should choose “Enable USB Tether”. This will enable your Droid cell phone to act as a modem for your computer. Now you’ll need to download the companion program to your PC.  For this go to and download the program. To allow the PdaNet app to stream data directly from your phone to your PC, tap the Menu key and select Settings. From here, select Applications, and then Development. And then check the box that says USB debugging. press OK. You should go back into this menu and disable the USB debugging setting whenever you are not actively using the tethering function.


Now try to your Android phone with computer using the USB cable. Launch PdaNet application on your Andoird mobile phone and select the option ‘Enable USB Tether’. The PdaNet app will first verify the connection and then it will notify you that it’s on and working at the background.

Now look for the PdaNet icon on the system tray on in your computer, right click on the PdaNet icon and select ‘Connect’ option from the pop-up list.

These basic setting and steps can make your Android phone to act as Modem and will allow your computer to access interne using mobile phone.