Android is an operating system developed by Google and it is becoming very popular among smart phone’s users. If you are using Android then you must be aware of several applications available on Androids. There are more than 70,000 applications available for the Android operating system and it makes the second best mobile developing environment. Java language is mainly used in writing the codes and the developers also take help of Google java library. The most famous feature of this mobile operating system is: this is an open source development and it offers the developers the ability to build an extremely powerful and innovative application. These applications are easy to use and they are also user friendly.

These applications are useful in your daily life; you can use Android phone to organize everyday life. As every one is very busy and it is very hard to remember everything like if you are planning a lot in one day then Astrid is very useful for you. You can download all Android application from Android market place online. Once you download the Astrid application, it is not a tough task to do and by following the instructions given below; you can use the Astrid application with ease.

Astrid is a type of task manager and simply organizes your daily life.


The first step is to download the application on the Android phone. You can download the Astrid application from Android marketplace online on the phone itself. Now it is downloading and wait for some moment.


After the download will get complete, select the icon from the phone screen. The icon looks like a small octopus. Now follow the instructions given by this application, touch where it says.


Now add a new task, it can be any thing like going for a meeting or a birthday reminder. To add the task, select the add symbol on the phone screen and add it to the “to do list”. You can also add the reminder to the phone calendar and set an alarm. You just have to click on the task and click edit. In the edit option you can add an alarm for it.

Suppose you want to remember the milk account on the phone; you can synchronize the milk account with the application. Just follow the steps given above and after that just click on  synchronize now. You can also synchronize it with Gmail account. When you are done with synchronization; you are able to see the task in Gmail or in Astrid. The user interface of this Google Android application is very clear, it is very easy to navigate and it is also optimized for thumb and finger operation. The frequency to use this application depends on the need for organization.