You can download Windows Live Messenger or other software to stay in touch using instant messaging and video. You can also use some free software or applications available online to stay in touch but we recommend you to use Windows Live Messenger because it has some attractive features like you can integrate it with Yahoo and also with other Microsoft products for example Outlook or Windows Live. Most of the people use this application and they are quite satisfied with this application. There are lot of other features also which can be useful but these are sufficient to stay in touch with your near and dear ones. You can easily download Windows Live Messenger from Microsoft site.


To do video chat, the next item you’ll need is a webcam. You can buy any brand, any brand is fine. Before buying, just be sure that it is compatible with your computer and operating system. Now you should get a built in microphone. If you do not have, then buy a separate microphone. If you are working on a laptop den it is very easy because laptops have built in webcam. Now if you are buying a separate webcam then plug in it into USB port in your computer. Insert the driver CD of camera and follow the instructions to install it completely.¬†¬†Once you have the messaging software and your webcam set up, you can start connecting with friends and family by letting them know your Windows Live Messenger ID and locating them through Contacts and Add a Contact.

Making a call with your webcam

Now we will help you to making a call from your webcam. It ia an very easy process and you can do it with ease. The webcam works in following way: your computer calls another computer using the IP (Internet Protocol) address associated with your contact’s email address.

If you are using Windows Live Messenger then you can easily talk and see each other. You can record webcam videos and send and receive those videos; suppose you are in office and can not use video to talk then you can easily view the videos, there is no sound involved.

You can also chat during video calls using the Windows Live Messenger and it is a user friendly process. If you know little bit to use the computer then you can use these services.

So these are the ways to stay in touch with your near and dear ones using instant messaging and video calls.