MS excel can also be used for doing Statistical analysis, It requires you to learn the associated Excel functions in order to perform the specific statistical analysis task.

In this article you can find how to perform the most important statistical analysis using MS Excel. Following are the important statistical analysis tasks which scientists, engineers and even people in the financial sectors should be performing.

You can take two steps to getting Statistics Analysis using Microsoft Excel.

Step 1:

Making a histogram

Histogram is a plot that shows the frequency of data sets. It’s an important tool used to analyze the distribution of data. By analyzing the histogram, you can tell the variation of the samples, if the data are skewed to the right or left instead of following the normal curve.

Step 2:

Performing a correlation plot and regression analysis

Correlation plot analysis is another important data analysis tool that can determine the degree of relationship between two variables.

You can use above mentioned steps and points to get a Statistical Analysis in Microsoft Excel. It can be useful to your job or your business, all the companies show their annual results and analysis in the end of the financial year, they all uses Statistics Analysis and its very important for any company, and you can use Microsoft Excel for that, by these points you can easily get Statistical Analysis of your data.