Android is a very efficient and strong operating system developed by Google. Android is loosely based on the Linux kernel or you can say it is a replica of the Linux. It is vastly used in the smart phones and the market share of this operating system is growing rapidly. The development process of the Android operating system is distributed among the large community of developers. The Android operating system is an open source tool. Any developer or programmer can use the program code for this mobile OS and customize the operating system programming. Developers also use these codes to develop Android mobile applications and there are already more than 70,000 applications available at Android marketplace. This article will help you to use one of the Android’s applications Key Ring, which is one of the useful apps available in Android. It helps in scanning the barcodes of club cards or food store etc. by using this application you will get rid of the plastic cards and you can scan the digital code from the phone screen.

To use this application just follow the instructions given below.


If the Androids phone does not have this application then you can download it from the Android market place. Now select the application icon and you have to click the button at the bottom the phone screen named as add card. When you launch this program it will ask if your card has a barcode on it. Now move further and click yes and wait for some moments to activate the scanner.


When the scanner gets activated, you will see a red line in the middle of the screen. You just have to line up this with barcode, as soon as it accepts the bar code ii will turn into green color. After doing this the app will ask you to enter the company name or you can select the mane from the list. Now you are done with this process and save the cards info.


Now you saved the bar code and you turned the plastic card into a digital card. When you go for shopping just open the application by selecting the app icon. When you launch the app; you can see the entire saved card’s info. Now you just have to select the specific store card and the app will show the bar code, now to complete the transaction give it to the cashier. He will scan the barcode from about 6 inches away from the bar code reader. That will complete the transaction.

When you will get used of this application, you will never carry a giant plastic card to the store. Android is integrated with many applications like this and the popularity of Android only speaks about its great features. This application is very easy to use and we hope you can easily use the application by reading this article.