WordPress is most popularly used CMS today. It is and open source Content Management System which works with MySQL and PHP. In laymen terms, it is a web application used to create websites and blogs. WordPress core software is designed and maintained by hundreds of volunteers and communities. It also provides number of plug-ins and templates which can be used to create and design website/blogs. WordPress has been evolving since its inception and now it has also capturing the Smartphone market. WordPress has launched all new WordPress apps. Apps are the extensions or add-ons for any smartphone. It is used to enhance the Smartphone’s usability. Wordress app can be used to update your blog, GPS mapping and so on.

It is a very powerful tool for blogger to manage their blog by using their mobile phone and getting the application is also very hassle free job. WordPress app is free and there is no hidden cost of complexity involved. It is compatibale which most platforms like Java/Wap phones, Smartphones PDAs, etc which makes this app more accessible.

Here are some of major uses of WordPress app:

Manage Blog through your mobile:

You can manage your Blog by using the WordPress App. It is wonderful tool for the users who travel a lot. App you need to have this application on your mobile and internet access on your mobile. You can post updates on your blog, updated images and make any changes on your blog from your mobile using this application. The WordPress app also provides you mechanism to edit all your blog contents with in-built notification tools.

Post comments:

With the latest update of WordPress app, you will get a notification tool on the application which will allow you to see all new comments on your blog.

This creates a notification bar on your smartphone like Android or Balckberry and you can see the exact comments on this notification bar.

Bug Fixing:

The WordPress app can also be used to perform bug fixing on your blog. The tool provides all those components which is used to remove coding and html bugs.

Map location:

You can also map your location using this application while sharing your post and to make users know your geographical location. You have to use Geotag icon from the Write screen and just watch how WordPress locates you on the map.

The app is managed and developed by thousands of developers and communities and it has been regularly updated after user reviews and comments. The WordPress app is a boon for blogger as bloggers can manage all their WordPress blogs by a single sign in.