Linux is very competitive and robust operating system. The Linux development is very good example of the collaboration of free and open source software.

Linux is an open source platform and all the source code of this operating system can be used, modified, re-distributed for commercial and non-commercial purposes. The distribution and development of Linux is mostly driven by the communities and developers. There are some manufacturers, who are developing Linux operating system and funding the distribution voluntarily; some examples are Debian, Redhat and Fedora.  There are so many local and internet groups who are supporting and to Linux users and developers by the means of forums, newsgroups. This process makes all the help available to any freelance programmer who wants to develop anything for Linux operating system. In recent times, there has been a constant growth in Linux operating systems popularity and there has been a lot of version released for Linux operating system like Desktop, Server, mobile, etc.

Linux desktop operating system is also getting popular due to recent improvements and developments. There are so many Windows and Mac OS application available for Linux which make the user experience

It is also secure and safe over the internet and any other aspect, and at the same time it is also complicate to handle and use in comparison to Windows operating system. If you are using it for the first time, you may find it very confusing to use some regular applications like Skype or Yahoo messenger.

Yahoo Instant messenger is not available for Linux but there are several work around to this problem.

You can get free Pidgin software which supports all types of instant messaging services and protocol including Yahoo messenger.

Like how to add a new Chat Room in Yahoo messenger or as the look and feel is very different from the Windows or Mac operating systems.

Here if the simple guideline to use Yahoo messenger on Linux machine:


Download and install PidGin which is free software allows you to login to multiple chat sites in a single location, which means that you can login to your MSN account, GTALK and on Yahoo account simultaneously.


Turn on the Linux computer and go the “sky settings” option on the Pidgin application. Now click on “Accounts” and from here select the option “Add/Edit”. Click on “add” and then “yahoo” option to add a new chat program in the console.


Now fill the correct information for your Yahoo account.  The Screen name in this page reefers to your Yahoo chat id or email id. Once prompted, insert the correct password for your Yahoo email id. The alias name in this page is optional which can use for your own convenient.


Now click on “save” button to save all the information and start using your Yahoo instant messenger on the Linux machine.