Windows Phone 7 is a mobile phone operating system developed by Microsoft and its is the successor to their windows Mobile platform. Windows Phone 7 had been aimed at the consumer market alternatively the enterprise market in contrast to its predecessor,

Windows phone 7 supports multiple Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) accounts. If you want to use multiple calendars from different services, then you can view them all together on your phone each calendar represented by a different colour.

You can turn an individual calendar on or off or you can change it’s colour from the calendars settings screen.

In Windows phone 7 you can sync only one calendar per account and if you have multiple calendars associated with an account then your phone will recognize which calendar is the primary calendar and sync is that one.

When you want to set up email accounts on your phone you can see all your calendars from multiple services like Outlook, Google and Windows Live.

You can see all in one place, if you want to view different calendars on windows phone then you can learn by following steps:

If you want to change the view

Step 1:

Start your phone and press calendar then if you want to see your appointments in a list format then twitch left to Agenda.

Step 2:

In a day view, if you have navigated to a different day and you would like to return to the present just simply press Today.

If you want to turn off or change the colour for individual accounts

By default you will see calendars from all accounts you have set up on your phone and they will be colour coded, you can turn calendars for individual accounts on or off or change the colour representing each calendar.

Step 1:

Start your phone then press on the calendar.

Step 2:

Now press More then press calendars and then under the account you want to change to turn a calendar on or off press the toggle switch next to the account name and then to change a calendar’s colour press the colour and then press a new color.

By this article you can get prior knowledge about windows phone 7 and you can know that how to view different calendars on Windows Phone 7.