Motherboards are an important part of any computer and they are integrated with hardware parts of the system. The main power supply is also connected to the motherboard. A computer needs 230V and 50 watts power supply to run it properly.  If you saw an open computer case, you see that there are so many connections and cables connected to the motherboard. It is not a tough task to do all the connections right on the motherboard if the hardware is working properly.

If you have problems in troubleshooting problems with regards to power supply, follow these steps:


The first step is to consult the motherboard manual to determine and locate the connections. You need to find out what connections are required to installed hardware. For a specific part we need different power connections for example for ATA hard drives we need different type of power connections than IDE drivers.


When you will try to fit cables then remember that they fit in one direction. If you are getting the connection right then just reverse it. Now connect the power supply cable to the motherboard, it is a 24 pin wide and white colored cable generally. If the motherboard has extra ATX12 v 4 pin connections then connect the power connector. May be the motherboard consist of 20-pin connector then snap off 4 pins and connect the power connector to the motherboard.


Now the third step is to connect the power cable to the processor fan and processor. Generally the processor fan is connected to the motherboard or directly to the power supply. Now locate the connectors from the front of the computer they are for reset switch, one for power switch, LED’s power and one for hard drive. You can connect the connectors to the motherboard; motherboards have specific ports for them. Sometimes it requires polarity in that cases connect the white or black cables into the negative slot.


Now you will have to connect 4-pin Molex connectors to the CD drives and hard drives. If you have ATA hard drives then it uses a thin flat connector instead of the Molex connectors. You can also connect connector to the floppy drives; the connector is smaller but similar to the Molex connectors.

Now when the power supply is connected then double check all the connections before closing the computer case, also try to check the screws holding the power supply. To check if everything is right, turn on the computer and see if computer is running properly or not. The power supply is the most important component of a computer, it is very important to check it regularly. If the power supply is not working properly then you will experience a lot of problems in the computer. Sometimes you experience problems like system responding awkwardly and shut down suddenly. These problems due to the faulty power supply so try to check the power supply and other connections.