Nowadays the culprits have a great hold on the computer. The grip of the hold broad-casted by these malicious programmers is up to great extent. The ethical yet highly dangerous advertisements attract the users’ with some eye-catchy phrase and messages. These are the advertisements that pop-up when you are found busy surfing the Internet. Some develop with a message like “High Alert! Your computer is at high risk.” While some say, “Get you system scanned, a spy ware detected.” The novice and sometimes proficient users’ end up clicking and at the same time buying them use their credit card. It is actually an open invitation to problems and chaotic performance of your system and that too you buy to invite the problem, quite ironic.

The latest spyware in lime light is the new “Green Anti-virus 2009.” The ad of the latter develops with a very “Green yet effective message. The message says, “The First Antivirus to take care of the Environment.” The users’ end up clicking on such kind of advertisements in order to know what actually is way to do so. The moment you click on it, the way towards your computer destruction begins. You end up buying the soft ware using your credit card and the Green Anti-virus 2009 actually takes care of your credit card and leaves your computer’s performance at stakes. The moment you buy the one and get it on your system a bunch of problems begin to line up. Your computer begins to suffer from problems unwanted pop-ups, extremely slow and chaotic performance of your system and unwanted change in the settings of your system.

But, to such trying to deceive people or program, do you have an answer to? Yes you have an answer and answer is quite simple. An answer that is will help you remain “environment friendlyand at the same time your computer’s health friendly.

A set of instruction will help through and find a path for computer’s slow performance.


Step one

An Automatic approach

The simplest yet the best method to get rid of the virus which you bought that are your Green Anti-virus 2009. All you need to do is to download a soft ware and apply it to get rid of the latter. Go on the website: and download the Malware Bytes named soft ware for free. Once downloaded on your system, double-click on the setup.exe file and run the file to install the software. Install the latter program by following the instruction being jotted every time you click on the “Next” tab. Once you have the same installed on your system. Open it by double-clicking on its icon and “Start the scan” process by clicking on the “Scan” tab. Allow the program to scan your system thoroughly and then from the list of infected files go on deleting them using the Malware Bytes software. This way the “Green Anti-virus 2009” gets removed from your system and you get rid of it by a mere mouse click.

Step two

A Manual approach:

Press CTRL, SHIFT and DEL simultaneously to start the Task manager’s dialogue box. On the prompted dialogue box click on the “Processes” tab and scroll through to find the “greenav2009.exe” file and click on the file. Then click on the “End Process” tab to eradicate the “Green Anti-virus 2009” from your system.