Safety and security of computer is as important as cleaning a computer. Computer security is also known as information security. Computer security is very important and it protects the system information from hacking or any other disaster. Main aim of computer security is to provide methods and mechanism to protect the computer.

It also focuses on the reliability and correct operation of the system. The computer security field growth rate is getting higher according to the time, now a day hacking and data theft is normal. So, it is important to concentrate on information security.

In the recent years many research and achievements has been made in the field of System security. The other objectives of Computer System security includes allied infrastructure and  securing networks, securing databases  and applications, auditing for information systems, security testing and digital forensics science, business continuity planning, etc.

There are many ways by which the integrity of the computer system security could be violated.

Now take an example, consider a user on a system mistypes someone’s address, and then it could update your name in database in wrong way if automated process is not written.

So the information security professionals are trained to tackle the errors and find the appropriate method to prevent errors. There is an obvious chance to get affected by malwares, because you are using internet frequently and you can click on some web page that spreads malware or Spam.

Normally, three different kinds of information used for the authentication.  These are something you know, something you are, or something you have.

Under something you know comes PIN, any middle name or a password. A driver’s license or a magnetic swipe card is the examples of something you have and biometrics is the example of something you are. Examples of biometrics include finger prints, palm prints, voice prints and retina scans. In biometric system protection the biometric data like the fingerprint; face recognition etc. is encoded into digital format and saved.

The saved information is compared with the biometric data at the time of log in. Strong authentication requires the inspection of information more than two times as the information goes for multiple securities check stages. The information provided for Credit card and other online transactions are the examples of such authentication as they require passwords at multiple stages. Cryptography is used in the password protection.

There are several online security programs available, mainly they are universities, colleges or training companies who offer these programs.

In the United Kingdom a recognized information security certification is provided by CESG. It recognizes the increasing demand of system security and guidance. This demand is the result of an increasing awareness of threats and vulnerabilities. The information today is facing an ever-challenging environment.

Information security is an ongoing process of exercising. From this discussion of Computer System Security, we conclude that the risk of data vulnerability is high due to several resources of viruses and other computer threats. Apart from that several applications and tools are available on internet to remove the threats and computer viruses.