Windows 7 was launched in 2009 and it came with so many new features which are user friendly and very interactive. Windows & was the most awaited operating system by Microsoft as after Windows Vista so many Windows OS users were disappointed with the latest Operating System development after Windows XP. Windows 7 has come with all the features and functionality to lure all the Windows Operating System users and one of the best features amongst them is windows resizing.

Ease of using the operating system features are one of the best tool to make users work features and comfortably on any application and Operating System, and this the same reason why software manufacturers and Operating System developers tries hard to encompass latest and innovative functionalities in the applications to make it more user friendly for the owner and the user of those particular software.

Making more and more user interactive features can also make users to stick to the particular application and in this case, Windows 7 operating system. In the same fashion, Microsoft has come up with so many innovative and interactive features in the Windows 7 operating system which can allow users to customize and the look and feel of the operating system very personal to their choices.

Windows resizing feature allows users to resize and drag particular application windows towards desired corner of the computer screen. Users can dock the screen at place on the monitor screen like dragging windows to the top or down where it will return the actual size of the window.

This is a very wonderful feature where but it completely depends on the user choice and some of the user might not like this functionality. If you want to turn the auto resizing off then you can follow the below mentioned simple steps to do so.


Click on the Start button and the select the option Ease. After that you must select the Ease of Access Center option.


Now, scroll way down till you see the option for Make the mouse easier to use. This will make the mouse sensitivity work easier.


From the options available in the screen, and check the last option which says Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen.


Now click on OK to make the changes permanent.

Once you have followed all the above mentioned steps, your windows will not automatically be resized of docked. This will make users to have control over the sizing and movement of the application windows which can be annoying if it work on the system control commands.