You must have seen the Common Wealth games baton travelling around the participating countries, to its final destination. Have you ever wondered what technological sophistication goes into to the planning and development of the baton? There are some interesting aspects of technology that are being utilized by the commonwealth committee for the 2010 games that are going to be held in Delhi on 3 October.

Relaying the baton around the world, in the participating commonwealth countries is seen as a goodwill gesture for fostering the spirit of sportsmanship and the ideas of immortality of the human spirit, trust and peace are carried along the baton once it has been flagged of by Queen Elizabeth.

In recent years, the Commonwealth management has come across problems of coordinating the course of the baton. In order to resolve these issues the management has come up with an ingenious plan of incorporating technology to resolve the matter. Some of the technological aspects of the baton can be seen as follows:

  • GPS: Through a Global Positioning System (GPS) viewers are able to track the actual positioning of the baton a participating country in real time. This enables the actual assessment of where the baton is. Through this information the Commonwealth management can have better assessment of any disruption on the relay of the baton.
  • LED lighting:  This is a unique and wonderful way of exemplifying the flag of the country in which the baton is located in. LED is a set of colorful lights that changes color in accordance with the flag of the country the baton is located in.
  • Messaging through text:  The baton is embedded with a text messaging device which enables messages to be sent to the baton for congratulating the arrival of the baton in a participating country.

These are just some of the technological marvels of baton that are going to be used in the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010. For more technological updates for the 2010 Commonwealth games, please visit again.