At times, you might feel that you need something to note down a brilliant idea but you do not have pen or paper. For such occasions, you can use Voice Memo app from an iOS device like iPod, or an iPhone. Not all iOS devices support this app like users cannot use Voice Memo function in iPad and, iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano. It is only available for the latest iPhone and iPod models.
A Voice memo is an application which allows users to record any important message and play it back whenever required.
Users can keep all the recorded memos in an organized manner by selecting labels.
There is one more cool use of this application; users can import MP3 files into a Voice Memo app.
For this, users need to use iTunes to import voice recording and sound clips. These sound clips and voice notes can be made with any device as these files can be converted and imported into iTunes and then can be marked as Voice Memo. Finally these Voice Memos can be synchronized with iPhone or iPods as well.

Here are some of the simple steps to import sound clips into the iOS Voice Memo app:

Step1: Firstly, you need to convert the desired sound clips into M4A file format. You can use Adapter app for converting files in M4A format and this app is compatible for both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Although, iTunes can import WAV and MP3 files and sync it with iPhone without any problem, but when you try to sync the iPhone next time, it will not detect those MP3 or WAV files and those sound clips will not be shown in Voice Memo app. This is the main reason why we need to convert the files into M4A format.

Step2: Once the Adapter app is downloaded, launch the application. Now, drag and drop the desired sound files onto the app and select the desired location of the converted files and change the output format as M4A. Now click on Start conversion.


Once the conversion process is completed, you need to import the converted files into iTunes. You can simply drag the files and drop into iTunes or you can select the file by clicking on File menu and then select Add library option.

Step3: After the file selection and import is completed, you need to make sure that the Media kind option is changed to Voice Memo.
Right click on the desired file and then select the Get Info option. Now go to Options tab and then change the Media Kind from music to Voice memo.
Pres OK to confirm the changes. This process has to be repeated for all the files you want to use as Voice Memo.

Step4: Once the above mentioned steps are completed, you can sync the files with your iPhone.
For this, your iPhone must be connected with the computer. Select the Music Tab and check the option “Include Voce Memos” and then click next. This process will sync all the music files including the voice memos which you have recently added.