A blog  or web log is  a type of website or part of a website where an individual  canregularly put his or her ideas, descriptions of events, graphics, video, thoughts, links – whatever.

A Blog is useful as it provides a number of benefits to you and your site and all for very little effort. A Blog adds valuable content to your site, it can be updated very quickly- much faster than editing your Web Page or sending out an e-mail. It can also be delivered as RSS Feeds which means a user can download software to have your Blog delivered direct to their desktop as and when it’s updated.

To publish your Blog all you need to do is to follow few easy steps given below. No need for money- all the sites, services and tools involved are free!

Step1: Start by joining http://www.Blogger.Com website. You register your details and a title for your Blog here. Here you will get “Blog This” button on the Google Toolbar. Using this button you can publish direct into your Blog immediately – including a link to the web-site you’re currently on! Another advantage is that Blogger will add you to it’s directory and to a notification service which will let you publish to their site, though you can set FTP settings to publish to a page at your own domain. Blogger also has a range of templates which you can use to personalize your Blog, right down to adding ads or links to your own site. Your Blog will be archived.

Step 2: Go to the Settings. Click on Publishing page for your blog.

Step 3: Choose the option to publish your blog to a Custom Domain.

Step 4: Now you need to fill in the form fields asking for FTP server, Blog URL and FTP path with the information for your website.

Step 5: Decide on the filename for the main page of the blog.

Step 6: Decide on the feed filename. If you have left the Blog settings as standard, this will probably be atom.xml. You can instruct your readers to download an RSS Reader and to use that address to receive your Blog updates.

Step 7: Finally, you need to give Blogger the username and FTP password for your web site.

Step 8: Save your Settings and you have an account and a Blog setup. You can also explore other settings. You can set “Ping Weblogs” to YES in the Settings/Publishing option so that you can get notification of Weblogs whenever you publish. You can also set “Show Title Field” and “Email” options to provide Titles to your Blog Entries and you can get copy of your entries as email.

To get updates from your blog, you need to download a “Feed Reader.” Blogger uses an Atom Feed which can be downloaded from http://atomenabled.org/everyone/atomenabled/index.php?c=5

Once you add the feed, just double click it to get a list of headlines and click each headline to get the entry.