The top the rank the best position you will have on Internet. Google PageRank is a very interesting system where the worth of page is located in Google’s web page tools. A high page rank can help you in many ways such as your article, blog and news may appear in search engine and you can get more traffic. PageRank is a very important factor of your business and a very essential part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The simplest way to understand and know much more about PageRank is that it tells about the quality and number of links of any particular website. If the quality of any website is good it will do more business. As far as Google is concerned it says that PageRank depends on exclusively democratic nature or character of particular website while using its link structure as the main pointer of a person’s page value.

The counts of PageRank link to a definite page as a type of vote or favour indicating the worth of a page. The calculation of all these votes is not equal just because a link related to any high expensive page is counted much more than a link related to any less expensive page. In addition, links of any specific website to other pages posted on its own website are not able to receive a particular vote.

With the help of a complicated algorithm including proprietary factors which is not shared by Google, on this condition, these votes are calculated by importance and number to provide a page rank from 1 to 10. On this basis, if the page rank is higher then Google gives more value to the webpage.

This point should be kept in mind that every web page has its own value and ranking. As we know that internet users opt to see home page due to which website home page is seen more frequently and may have a particular position or ranking. This does not mean that each sub-page does not have any ranking; it may have but not the same as home page’s position or ranking.

Links are very important to any page only when it matches to the requirements and needs of internet users otherwise they have no value because user does not get what he search for. So PageRank does not have any importance unless they are useful for internet users. To handle this high and low complication, Google uses a unique search inquiry which displays best possible matches, resulting a lower page higher in search results.

Google has its own strategy and tactic in calculating how, when, where and what a webpage will come out in search engine results’ list. This way Google is able to determine concerning value of a respective webpage in terms of quality and number of times. Every page link is considered as a vote of different value in Google’s eyes. Using this voting calculation, Google provides internet users a great way of searching for the content and information they want to get.