Have you ever wanted to have your own theme song but are not sure which one to choose? Something distinctive that you could use as a ring tone or perhaps upload to your MySpace page as background music?  Aviary.com has the answers to all these questions.

The Release

Here is the good news then. Aviary (http://aviary.com), the creator of an online suite of creation tools, has just released the roc, an online music creator designed for use by anyone. The free software, release under a Creative Common license, allows music to be created from scratch with no proprietary hold on them. Many would immediately compare it to other online music creation websites, such as Splice or Jam Studio. However, there is one notable difference between the sites. The roc, developed with a simple point and click interface, eliminates the need for users to understand musical notations or compositions. In a sweeping move, music creation has now entered to the mainstream.

How It Works

Avery compiled a database consisting of simulations from over 50 types of musical instruments. From the ordinary guitar and pianos, to the slightly more polished harps and flutes, and venturing to the unconventional with balarimba and hammered dulcimer, Avery appeared to make quite a concerted effort to ensure the comprehensiveness of their database.

Which is just as well, considering that their database is the most important component of the roc. Designed with a cool, simple and intuitive grid layout, the roc took no time at all to master. For the uninitiated, just hum, clap and experiment your way through. Your composition will get progressively better after a few attempts.

There is also an option for users to upload their own voice or sound effects (cats, dogs and screeching tires come to mind) that can be incorporated into their composition. The resulting masterpiece created can then be downloaded in mp3 format. Built without any restrictions, users could potentially create a nine hours magnum opus to impress their friends and neighbors with a loudspeaker presentation over a quiet evening in the neighborhood.

Evidently, Aviary built some beta features that are locked; such as trimming mp3 tracks, track speed controls and beats velocity, among others. However, these features can be accessed by users simply by inviting five friends to download the roc.

What the Future Holds

Any music created with the roc can be used by any individual or firms, irregardless whether it is for commercial or non-profit purposeless. Aviary envisions that, by distributing the roc and its’ content without restrictions, it will be the catalyst for the conception and growth of an online repository of songs and loops that can be freely accessed by anyone.

To further support the endeavor, Aviary is continuously updating their database with new instruments and sound effects and soon will be including human vocals in their database as well.