Blogging has been adopted by many people as their hobbies. This is perhaps the modern way of writing your diary on the online world. There was a time when people used to share a lot of information through their diaries. Some kept their diaries secret while others showed their diaries to people. Whatever the situation might be; how would you feel if you get to know that all that you have written on your diary is lost and there seems to be no way that you can recover it back. This is what happens to around 70,000 users using Blogetery. came up as a small platform for people to post their blogs and was based in Toronto. The blog was closed abruptly last month when the FBI termed the blogging site to be leading to bomb making tips and listed the names of Americans that were supposed to be targeted in the assassination plans by Al Qaeda. The site was blocked by the hosting company itself names as

The company officials have come out with the statement that the officials might hand over all the information that will be found on the server but not the one related to Al-Qaeda and similar stuff that is of any suspicion. This certainly refers to the state where every user of Blogetery is going to get the blog back but there is no chance that the users would see Blogetery back up on the server again. This is because the site has been banned by FBI from further existence.

The internet access to the Blogetery was disconnected the moment FBI officials asked information about the site for their investigation. Another reason of blocking access to the site was because the site did violate the terms of service that The site also did not come up with any response to the abuse claims that have been placed on the administration by the service provider and therefore the account was terminated for once and all. is quite serious about the TOS and the abuse has been something that is seriously banned in the TOS that include movie files, child pornography as well as primers on how to blow people up.

Violations by Blogetery:

The company has a policy that the clients of need to get rid of the TOS violation within 24 hours of notification from the company and if this does not happen, the customer has to face a risk of fine followed by the suspension of account if even the fine does not help a lot. In case a customer violates a number of conditions, the service is terminated right away.

The officials further added that companies like Blogetery has a number of employs to monitor the blogs and they respond in the allocated time but the owner of Blogetery on the other hand said that he does moderate the blogs every day but he missed the message that was on the message board for two days and by that time the service was terminated.