With the increasing popularity of social networking websites, more and more people are signing up at these social websites to make friends, socialize and share photos and videos. Twitter is one such website where in you can make friends, share updates on latest happenings and about things happening around you. The traffic on twitter is increasing at a rapid pace with a large number of bloggers and followers.

The reputation and worth of the company also tends to increase with the increase in the number of users. The latest technology is so flawlessly embedded that celebrities post their updates and tweet on a regularly about things that are often officially published in magazines and journals.

The site developers are trying to work on issues related to power, to make the website more user friendly and compatible. With the use and adaptation of new, enhanced, innovative systems & software more features are being embedded into the webpage.

Issues related to power are evidently a concern in the data harts and centers as well as some leading service providers. After a detailed analysis it has been found that a major problem was with respect to cooling and power in the data service providers. The leading financial companies also revealed that their foremost problem was in relation to power. The problem of power was significantly faced only by the major data centers in the year 2005. But now with the replenishment of old technologies and equipments with the new ones which have higher power concentration, they are likely to operate smoother.

Twitter is one of the busiest and most highly trafficked website in the present times. The pressure on the maintenance team of the site grows multifold each day as thousand of users create a account on it. There is an exponential growth in the number of users of Twitter and thus the need for higher end gadgets and technological equipments is required. The data center needs to have more storage and the servers need to be more sophisticated. Hence the need of power supply also increases. The website is real time and thus they cannot afford the failure of the mechanisms in any case not even for the slightest of time. Hence the need for backup strategy is also required. When you come up with this strategy then for sure it is required that there is continuous power supply. The major hitch faced by the website is that there is a shortage of the electricity as the demands continuously supersede the supply.

In case of huge data centers that consume energy/power in multi-megawatts and whose bills of power consumption generally go beyond 1 million dollars, an efficient and effective plan can solve this problem of high cost. Power consumption represents half of the working expenses, in most of the data centers. An efficient and reliable design provides more advantage in terms of capital cost which is reduced when a consistent plan is put to action, lowering the investment made by the data center in cooling ability.

Thus, to conclude with Twitter and other websites get problem of electricity which should be addressed wisely, without incurring much cost.