It was a bizarre set of events that made two fierce competitors work in tandem to solve a problem. Although was it a real problem or it was set up remain to be seen. But a Facebook application on Twitter that helps the users find friends who are on both the networks was found to be disabled. Later on the day an email statement was released by the Facebook that said they have rectified the problem and were working with Twitter Inc to solve it as soon as possible.


It is an open secret that with the social networking market hot as ever there is fierce competition between the flagship companies like Facebook and Twitter. Now many may not know that Twitter has a very handy application that lets the Twitter users to know about their friends, if they are on both the network (i.e. on Facebook and Twitter) or not. And if they are then they can have the option of posting updates on both the sites simultaneously.

Recently it was found that this application was disabled from the Facebook side, which fueled the rumors that Facebook has purposely done that. However an emailed statement from Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg said that they are facing some crunch on this update and are not able to solve it. It also stated that they wish to work along with Twitter to find a solution of the problem.

Facebook Dominance

Also in the statement he mentioned that there are four countries that yet to grip the Facebook mania to its core. The countries are namely Russia, China, Japan and Korea. And he has sincere hopes to reaching 1 billion users by the end of year. The need for better advertisement is of paramount importance as that is the only way that can make Facebook the first global networking site of the world.

Looking at the bigger picture Twitter has about 100 million users that are regular on Facebook as well. While the total count of Facebook members is about 500 million. Hence if both these services combine then Twitter will get more benefits. This has been thought to be a plausible reason for the disabling of the application.

Twitter boasts itself as a micro blogging site and there are 160 character updates while there is a similar application on Facebook hence the users are in a fix as to which one to use.

There is no way we can predict the future and it will only tell if the Facebook and Twitter integration is equally beneficial for both the companies or not. However one thing is certain and that is this phenomenon of social networking is sure to stay either individually or together.