Save- the new feature introduced by Facebook enable users to revisit links, places, movies, TV shows, music, posts, books content or feeds whenever you want. This archival feature is primarily designed for people who don’t find time to explore and want to view at a later time.  The best part is you don’t have to be online to read the saved pages.

What Facebook has to say about ‘Save’?

According to Facebook blog post “Every day, people find all sorts of interesting items on Facebook that they don’t have time to explore right away. Now you can save items that you find on Facebook to check out later when you have more time.”

This feature like other components of the website is to keep you inside Facebook. And it will be available to all Android, iOS, and web users soon.

How you can utilize ‘Save’?

If you have come across something interesting and want to read it later, all you need to do is select ‘Save’, which has been positioned on the left-hand side of your News Feed. The items you save gets automatically arranged, and can be accessed, shared or archived. And if you save an item and forget about it, the social networking website will keep sending you notifications that you have saved items you found interesting at one point.

This feature has been designed on basis of various other “read later” apps that allow users to save links to read in their free time.  It is a good way to keep track of shops and restaurants that you may want to check out.

How safe the archived pages are?        

As far as the security of the pages you save is concerned, Facebook says “The saved pages will remain completely private unless the pages are shared by users.” So till the time you don’t choose to share the pages, nobody else will get to know about them.