These days, social networking is being integrated into different media. Press, sports, the arts, education systems and consumer sites are only some of the examples. It is not surprising that business companies will start to use it as well. Imagine the possibilities of this idea. There will be little to no need for company memos that get lost, newsletters that are rarely read and important announcements that do not get acknowledged in time. That is why many systems are applying social networking into programs that can be used by enterprise-level companies.

Microsoft has become more familiar with SharePoint 2010 because they have finally added some social networking tools which include the Wiki and blog assimilation, tags and micro-blogging into its SharePoint MySites features.

While the social section of the Web is spreading out from Twitter and Facebook into businesses, enterprises are adjusting and focusing on the improvement of communication, sharing of information and connecting the global workforces using social media.

The Big Players

Aside from Microsoft, their big rivals like IBM, Cisco, Google and are also diving into the fray. These social networking sites as well as collaborative competitors have made the differentiation from SharePoint as their goal. The four big name competitors include IBM Lotus Connections, Cisco Quad, Google Buzz and Sales Force Chatter.

Lotus Connections is the name of IBM’s version of their very own software for social networking purposes that was purposely created intended for the success of certain businesses. Their goal is to aid the companies in uniting workers, partners and customers using online social tools so that any individual who actually decides to use Twitter, Facebook, and other instant messaging sites or tools will make use of. Its system will have similarities to profile pages, activity feeds, document posting, communities, sharing, wikis and blogs.

Cisco Quad is named after a quad on a college campus. It has the goal of setting itself apart from Microsoft by making use of its unified communications tools like the VoIP, video as well as some WebEx Connect tools for the online presence, so that it can turn into a highly effective social networking site programmed with enterprise-level policies and security parameters. Cisco also has plans of integrating this on iPhones and iPads through applications.

Google Buzz can be seen on Gmail and has a similar interface to Facebook so you can share photos, videos, status, updates and links with your friends and co-workers. It has a greater integration with Smartphone than its competitors, with its Buzz mobile web application to its Buzz layer in Google maps for mobile.

Sales Force has a collaboration platform that they ended up calling, Chatter. It has a look akin to Facebook and features that are found in Google Buzz and some others. Still, it is designed so it can be used with Sales Force’s business portfolio applications and also financial and human resource applications like Oracle and Microsoft. The good thing about Chatter is that it brings in more customers to’s rising ecosystem.

This will make everything so much easier for companies. This is not only good for productivity but also for the morale of the workplace. Advancement, especially in the technological sense helps the mindset of employees and the whole workforce. With these new programs, the big move forward will be done faster than it would have five years ago.