Yahoo! Messenger is the most widely used instant messaging tool available these days. The reason why Yahoo! Messenger is considered to be the best is because of its numerous user friendly features. This is the messenger which started voice chat for the first time and later was adopted by others. It provides an amazing interface and support for numerous icons. It provides interactive backgrounds, both static and animated. It has really worked a lot in bringing all the instant communicating needs under one tool. You can share images instantly and can select to send them directly as files or to show them as presentations. You can play numerous games with people online and can have start conferences and stay in touch many friends at the same time. But what if someone in your friends list, always appears to be offline? You send messages but never get any reply. It becomes frustrating when you want to contact with someone but the other person doesn’t seem to be interested in the same. In this post I will let you know how to find if your friend who always appears offline in messenger is actually offline or it is only you whom he or she doesn’t want to chat. Appearing offline to selected people in Yahoo! Messenger is very much possible through its stealth settings feature where the user can select individual users to whom they want to appear as invisible.

To confirm if any person listed in your friends list is actually offline or is invisible please follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Exit from Yahoo! Messenger and open any Internet browser

Step 2: Go to the website of Yahoo! and there select its mail service from the list of various services like Mail, Answers, Flickr, Games, Groups, Movies, Messenger etc.

Step 3: Select mail from the list and sign into it by entering your user name and password

Step 4: Now look for Messenger panel in the left hand of Yahoo! Mail window.

Step 5: Scroll through the list of friends and then select Open Quick view.

Quick View is the sign in mode of Yahoo! which tells you who all in your friends list are actually online, regardless of their visibility status. So if anyone is online but has set his or her status as invisible still quick view will let you know that he or she is online but is not interested in chat or if they are avoiding you. This is a method by which you can check for this and if you wish you can send an instant message at the same moment knowing the fact that the other person is online. If you get a response then well and good else it is obvious that other person is not interested in chatting.