A website has made it possible for you to write e-mails to your future self. The website, FutureMe.org, which is offering this webmail service recommends the user to use a Gmail or other webmail address as work e-mail addresses might change.

How FutureMe.org e-mail service works?

The e-mail service offered by Futureme.org works just similar to simple web mail service, but lets the users specify the date when the message will arrive in their inbox. The future e-mail could be anything depending upon the user that what he wants to remind himself in the future. It could be a warning message, an e-mail giving advice, or simply a ‘Hello!’ e-mail from the past. According to the website FutureMe.org, memories are less accurate than e-mails.

How you can write e-mail to yourself?

FutureMe.org recommends using a personal Gmail address or other webmail address that you want to stick to for a long period. The website insists not to use your workplace e-mail address as your future self might have changed from the current job. The website also allows the user to go back into their e-mail to the future and change it to ensure delivery. The site allows you to write e-mails privately and anonymously, but publishes ‘public but anonymous’ excerpts of e-mails sent to various future selves. The FutureMe e-mail app is available on Apple’s App Store too.

Can you write future e-mail to others?

Yes, you can write future e-mail to others, but for that you have to register yourself. When the other person receives the future e-mail written by you, it will specify that it was sent from your e-mail address. “This policy is a bit strict perhaps, but unfortunately there are Internet hooligans out there that would abuse FutureMe otherwise,” the site added.

If you wish to write an e-mail to your future self, just click here.

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