Experts were waiting to see how Facebook’s “Like” feature might have an impact on GetGlue. But without any major dramas both companies are working quite well on their own and satisfaction their own market. GetBlue is quite popular and was reviewed as the single most useful networking application by Wired. The company with their new iPhone application, which further allows sharing comments on Facebook; is thoroughly reaping on the benefits.


This isa social networking application that lets you tag your patronage or likeness towards various networks for movies, books, music, artists, and various product companies while interacting with your social network. The website provides a favourite stream based on individual tastes, what their fellow peers enjoy or how a personal friend like a product or item and not restricted to public opinion. The application is an add-on feature that can be linked to your browser and thus will filter your friends reviews, personal recommendations and contextual content from various popular sites that’s available on the world wide web, some being Wikiedia for general data; IMDB for movies, videos, music related; Amazon for books and several others.

Facebook’s “Like”

GetGlue application is very much similar to how Facebook’s L’ike’ feature works, Although ‘Like’ very popular and is averagely used by at least 65 million Facebook users it certainly is very good statistics for a new application which was only launched in April this year.  CEO of GetGlue, Alex Iskold, sees no threat from Facebook affecting his companies market.  Close to one million user actions per week is registered on GetBlue and last week, when experected monitor GetBlue’s web usesage for five work days; the results were quite promising for the company. Close to one million use ratings and check-ins, along with 150 thousand user actions were registered each of the five days. Users can also share their comments and reviews on Facebook and Twitter for a rate of about one share per minute.

iPhone application by Adaptive Blue

GetBlue’s New York based AdaptiveBlue start-up team launched in 2006 focused on making semantic technologies a medium to create enhanced web browsing experience. The team recently introduced an iPhone application is the iTunes link  (soon to be introduced in Android) so that users in a matter of clicks can update their friends and other in the social network on what movies, music to books they are currently on and post comments; at the same time hunt for reviews and look for the next thing they want to add to their list to watch, read ort simply enjoy. Adaptive Blue was recognised as the top start-ups by AlwaysOn NetworkComputer WorldDow JonesInformation Week and Red Herring. Union Square Ventures and RRE Ventures, funds the Adaptive Blue team.

It is certainly nice to notice that a good start-up with really time worthy social media applications mediums like GetBlue is not overshadowed by social networking phenomenon like Facebook. Both of the features has its benefits and likeability for its target market, also the target market for both the companies overlaps.