Every individual has his/her opinion based on the need and the preference to choose Google or Yahoo. To me, Google is more of a Search engine; however Yahoo is a complete package of fun stuff! In my opinion, the purpose of both these websites is different.

Google – Simplicity at its best
When you hear the word Google, the first thing that strikes your mind is “SEARCH”. Google has become a synonym for Search. Google definitely wants to give an easy option (without any distraction) to the users to search information that they are looking for.

Here is what I found on Google’s Corporate page – “The perfect search engine,” says co-founder Larry Page, “would understand exactly what you mean and give back exactly what you want.” When you Google…oh! Did I just use the word Google as a verb?! Google has re-defined online searching to such an extent and in fact has made it so simple that people prefer the word ‘Google’ to ‘search’! Let’s get back to what I was saying, when you Google, no one has to teach you what to do…it is just a simple search, without any ambiguity. You don’t need to spend time trying to look for the box or an icon to enter the search criteria…it’s just there in the center of the white blank page, inviting you to use it mainly for your search! Though Google’s home page gives you links to visit their other applications like Gmail, Orkut, Google Images, Maps and the Advertising programs, however it does not confuse the user from the main purpose of logging to Google, which is to SEARCH!

Yahoo – A complete Network
Yahoo on the other hand has so much of information on their homepage that calling it just a search engine would do it injustice.

On visiting Yahoo’s home page, you will have the option to check the e-mail, read the news, chat with friends, check out the “eye catching” advertisements, get updated on the happenings around the world through the News and Sports section.

Yahoo does not confine itself to search; it calls itself a “Network”, which is very true to its nature of activities on the Internet. The new Yahoo commercial makes it very clear that Yahoo is not Google! Yahoo is undoubtedly a leader in advertising and creating a Network of its own. The commercial does a very good job of differentiating Yahoo from Google. It shows the uniqueness of Yahoo as a portal catering to the needs of its viewers and giving them an option to customize their page. Yahoo’s strategy is to keep people on their site with a host of things to look at. Yahoo is certainly a successful eye catcher or I should say; a complete commercial portal!

I am not going to comment on which one is more popular, is it Google or Yahoo? I use both as they serve different purposes. Google is the leader when I need to search information and Yahoo is for the stories and news.

Take your own pick!