Do you remember yourself saying ‘I wish I could just embed this tweet’? Well, your wish just became Twitter’s command. On Tuesday, May 4, Twitter launched their all new feature that enables you to embed tweets that you come across.  A feature very popular and useful in YouTube which lets you embeds videos on YouTube. This feature has proven to be contagious and has caught Twitter too. Twitter now enables you to simply “Embed this Tweet” and share tweets more efficiently.

In recent times, Twitter has gained a lot of popularity in more than one ways. What started as a social-networking medium is much more than that now. It is, according to a group of Korean researchers, more close to a news distribution medium that a social networking platform. With Twitter’s ability to help you connect and broadcast your messages to a huge number of people, it is one of the most sought after services. According to the Twitter team, news associations are also using twitter as a medium for coverage.

Very often users used either screenshots or a mere rewrite to quote something they stumbled upon while they were at Twitter. These mentions were either to acknowledge the brilliance of that piece of text or merely passing on some information users thought were interesting. This ongoing trend was rightly spotted by Twitter and realized that the process did have a few loopholes. They feared that such copy-paste actions might be loosely considered as a hack and may bring up plagiarism issues. Hence, in order to fine tune this behavioral pattern, especially in cases where a simple copy paste is not what you are looking for, Twitter has introduced their new “Embed this Tweet” feature. They believe that this tool might be very useful for the prolific Twitter users.

Robin Sloan, of the Twitter team, very crisply and clearly explained what this tool would do and how it would work. He says that it is a “super-simple” tool. It is just a small script that simulates a block made out of simple HTML that resembles a tweet that is embedded. Although it looks like an embedded tweet, it is actually just plain HTML text to replace flat images. Hence, all the text will be selectable and the links would be live. Anyhow, hash tags will not be links. We are anyhow waiting to see how customizable the embed option is going to be.  Twitter hopes that this tool might add up to a few points to favor them and probably increase the use of Twitter by a fold or two.

Twitter is getting a whooping number of users in this social networking revolution. The increase in the number of visitors from February to March has been almost 131%. With such an increase in the number of users, Twitter is paying careful attention to details and the convenience of its users. With a number of acquisitions under their belt already, it is not only expanding the Twitter network, but updating and introducing features that will enable the users to exploit the service to the fullest.