In this world of information technology, where all information is for public use, it not surprising that one’s information on a particular site would be posted on another site. On the other hand, a video being watched by somebody can be reposted and uploaded on a particular website or several websites. Since there are several video-uploading sites, it is no surprise that videos can be “reproduced” or “reposted” in other websites.

Haven of pirates

Youtube is not spared by these actions. Youtube users are the one who uploads videos in Youtube servers. In another way, Youtube also has the ways to let these videos stay in the server or not. Several videos and materials uploaded by users have copyrights that some users are aware of, yet they still post these videos. Producers and owners of these videos would always be at the heel of these posted videos and flag these materials. In response to this, Youtube personnel would delete these videos from the server. However fast Youtube can erase these copyrighted materials, users are faster at uploading these materials, making Youtube a “haven of pirates”.

Copyright infringement

Viacom has filed a $1 billion copyright infringement lawsuit on court when Youtube users uploaded Viacom’s TV shows and movies. However, Youtube’s owner, Google has disputes that it meets the terms of Digital Millennium Copyright Act to get rid of infringing materials upon request of the material’s owners. And Youtube did just that, removing almost all of the copyrighted or flagged items. However, in my opinion, it is not in Youtube’s reach if users are able to upload copyrighted materials without Youtube’s knowledge and Viacom was able to view it. For example, Youtube has already deleted all of the flagged materials upon Viacom’s request and Youtube did not know that a user is also uploading same videos. Since it was newly uploaded and not flagged yet, and Viacom was able to access or view that video, Viacom might think otherwise. Now, is Youtube liable for that user’s actions?

User’s intervention

Even if Google is on the 24-hour watch of the materials being uploaded, it cannot control what the users are uploading on Youtube’s servers. The copyright case should not be filed to Youtube only, but to these pirates who uploads the materials on the net. I am also a movie fan myself, and it is not enjoyable to watch these big movies in your computer where you can be tempted to skip to a particular scene and guess what will happen next. There’s no thrill in it. If I really want to enjoy these movies, I would rather go to a cinema and watch and enjoy. Still, fingers should be pointed to the real pirates who stole these movies and file them to mediums like Youtube.


For me, this copyright case against Youtube is quite absurd. On my part, Youtube is also a victim here. Youtube was used by pirates to file these pirated materials. Youtube is also against pirating of these materials. However, it is not within Youtube’s power to stop these pirates. It is still the conscience of these users to stop pirating materials. That is if they have this conscience.