If you like so sit in front of a TV for endless hours a day, then the new YouTube ‘Leanback’ feature is for you, one specially meant for couch potatoes. Leanback is a new technology made by YouTube that plays new videos seemingly forever. The feature is intelligently designed to play only those new videos that you particularly will like.

Why click when you can ‘Leanback’?

The new feature is another attempt to satisfy the masses that want to have the experience of YouTube to be similar to that of a TV. You will just have to pick a channel or give search terms and new videos will be played one after the other, according to the search terms entered. With the littlest effort on your part, you can watch your favorite content, just like on a TV. YouTube used on your desktop allows considerable interactivity with videos. From your desktop, you can create ratings for each video and set your favorites as well. Interacting regularly allows YouTube to create a profile for you, enabling it to create a list of those videos that you might like to see. This will be done passively for you in Leanback. You will also be prompted to decide if you want to watch the videos that you are provided or not.

The thing about TV…and Leanback

“If [your] TV asked you every two to five minutes what you want to watch next, it wouldn’t be watched five hours per day, the user doesn’t even have to sign in; videos will begin playing that show what the Web is watching.” That was spokesperson Chris Dale’s comparison of Leanback and the functionality of a normal TV. Dale also noted that this feature will soon be available in mobile phones; however the real goal for Leanback is to allow you to watch it on TV. It has been tweaked for HDTV and will play videos at high definition by default.

Advertising? Well, maybe later…

Kuan Yong is the product manager responsible for Leanback. He notes that initially advertisements will not be a part of Leanback. However, Kuan Yong also mentioned that the “site would be monetized” with ads sometime in the future. “We’re working on it,” Yong said. “The goal is to get a bunch of monetization options in place.”

In a nutshell, Leanback will plays videos by collecting information about your preferences, monitoring what you like, dislike or have uploaded based on you interactivity, Leanback’s interface has proved to be very easy to use. YouTube’s supervisor explained that Leanback’s experience was never meant to make you tick boxes, give feedback or enter fields of what you did not like. All you need to control the videos are your keyboard Directional Arrow keys and the Enter key. The simple interface allows you to select videos and perform all your function as easily as on your TV remote control.