Lately, LinkedIn released new security features to enable its users manage authenticated sessions on various devices. Called as “See where you are logged in,” this new feature lets you see where, when and on what devices you are logged in to your LinkedIn account. You can even know the corresponding location, IP address, OS and browser type used to login to your account. And if you want or anything found suspicious, you can right away sign out of all the sessions in one single click.

According to the company, there was an urgent need of a security feature that could tell users about all their active sessions and manage them accordingly. Users, a lot of times happen to access their accounts on devices like friend’s smartphone or a public computer, which is not a good practice. And they don’t bother to sign out of their accounts due to which an active session can remain open on that device, giving other users an entry to their accounts. That’s why; LinkedIn came with a feature that gives users the option to remotely check their accounts and close them if left opened.

On the latest features, company’s head of security and privacy added “Not sure if you remembered to log-out of your LinkedIn account on your friend’s computer? We have you covered. We’ve added a single place to see everywhere you’re signed in to LinkedIn and manage those sessions in your settings. Go to your settings and click on See where you are logged in to see a complete list of the devices that you are logged into. You also can manage these sessions from this new page. If you see a session that you want to turn off, simply click on the sign out link.”

In addition to this feature, the company also introduced a new addition to the e-mail notifications it sends to its users in case of security breach, such as change in their password.