The W3C (Worldwide Web Consortium) released a new HTML 5 logo as the part of advertising campaign. The logo is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unsupported (CC BY 3.0) thus the designers can easily adapt it to accomplish their needs. This HTML 5 logo includes icons and the variations classes of technology which are offered on the W3C HTML 5 Logo web page.

The new HTML 5 logo has a shield embossed with number 5 that looks like the letter S of alphabet on the crime fighting uniform of the Superman. The logo has orange color and this orange is a very fast, striking and hot color. The color orange is not as aggressive or intimidating as the red color but it indicates the excitement and grabs the attention too. According to the color theory of China, the orange color is the best suitable color for the organizations.

According to the FAQ of the W3C, the Modernizr, and Microsoft are embraced by the use of this new HTML 5 logo. The main target of W3C is to encourage those users who use the open web platform and can use HTML 5 logo on their services and websites. The design of logo is true, strong, universal and flexible as a tag that you write. It shines so bright as well as bold that it forwards thought which is dedicated to the web developers. This is a pennant for the progress and does not use the tables for layout.

The new HTML 5 logo is designed by the Boutique agency, Ocupop. The Boutique agency is popular for emphasizing on uniqueness, web design and branding. The firm also handles some other part of design as well as marketing. The new HTML 5 logo can be taken by all the members of the community of web developers and web designer. The logo is a visual representation of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), WOFF (Web Open Font Format), HTML 5 (Hypertext Markup Language), SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and some other open web technologies that are used for building new web applications.

The chief designer of the logo, Michael Nieling says in a statement that the HTML 5 requires a standardized and consistent visual vocabulary which provides a framework for presentations, explanations and conversations.  Michael Nieling also says that this new HTML 5 logo and its shape indicate that how HTML 5 places in the center of the recent technology movement. Its keystone shape is similar to a badge of honor or the coat of arms to detain the contents and spirit of the open web platform.

On the site of logo HTML 5, a badge builder is also provided for the users, which helps to make a customized logo for their website by Badge Builder 5000. Along with this new HTML 5 logo, the site also provides a T-shirts of $22.50 and free stickers to you. The logo can easily be posted on a web page, whatever the size that user wants. It is promised by the designer that the users will definitely get importance of the logo in the first sight.